U.S. Citizens killed by Illegal Aliens

Twelve Americans are murdered every day by illegal aliens, according to 2006 statistics released by Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa. If those numbers are correct, it translates to 4,380 Americans murdered annually by illegal aliens more than the U.S. death toll of soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. That's more than 30,000 Americans killed by illegal aliens since Sept. 11, 2001.

Studies have found that illegal immigration causes substantial human costs to American citizens and legal immigrants. Those that are particularly vulnerable are children, women and minorities. According to the 2006 House Committee on Homeland Security Border Report, every year an estimated 4,300 American citizens lose their lives by an illegal immigrant. Several thousands of senseless deaths could have been prevented if our federal, state and local law enforcement would enforce our immigration laws and secure the border. The Violent Crimes Institute estimated that there are 240,000 illegal immigrant sex offenders in the United States, which averages about four victims each. There are many victims that our Congress has failed to protect and accepts as collateral damage. Substantiating the human cost, the Department of Homeland Security estimates that illegal immigrants molest more than 2,900 children. How many more thousands of children will be victimized until we speak up for them? For fair and open debate on the impact of illegal immigration, we cannot ignore the human costs to American citizens or accept it as collateral damage. It is time for our U.S. Reps. to listen to their constituents to secure the border and to NOT give anyone that is here illegally ANY TYPE OF AMNESTY.

It is time to get off our ass and call all our representatives. Tell them to secure our borders and no amnesty to anyone that is here illegally. To get info about all our representatives go to www.fixingamerica.net


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